Victor Malham

Residential Real Estate Broker

Victor Malham is a passionate and professional real estate broker, with over 25 years of experience in the construction and real estate field. His career began as a general contractor and evolved into that of a skilled real estate broker. He quickly proved to be an adept negotiator and attentive advisor. Through his insightful approach and deep understanding of his clients’ needs, he quickly built a reputation of trust and excellence.

Victor sets himself apart by using in-depth knowledge of the local market and his keen ability to rapidly ascertain emerging market trends. He firmly believes in the value of continual research to remain well informed of industry developments. Keeping up to date allows him to offer sound advice to his clients, whether they are sellers wishing to maximize their returns or buyers seeking the house of their dreams.

Known for his exceptional work ethic, Victor Malham is often praised for his ability to build lasting relationships with his clients. He makes it a point to understand their unique needs and guide them every step of the way, making each transaction a smooth and memorable experience.

With his unwavering dedication to excellence, in-depth industry knowledge and commitment to his community, Victor Malham stands out as one of his region’s most respected and valued real estate brokers.