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Victor Malham

Real Estate Broker Laval

Victor Malham is a passionate and professional real estate broker in Laval, with over 25 years of experience in the construction and real estate field. His career began as a general contractor and evolved into that of a skilled real estate broker. He quickly proved to be an adept negotiator and attentive advisor. Through his insightful approach and deep understanding of his clients’ needs, he quickly built a reputation of trust and excellence.

Victor sets himself apart by using in-depth knowledge of the local market and his keen ability to rapidly ascertain emerging market trends. He firmly believes in the value of continual research to remain well informed of industry developments. Keeping up to date allows him to offer sound advice to his clients, whether they are sellers wishing to maximize their returns or buyers seeking the house of their dreams.

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I’m constantly aware of real estate market trends, price fluctuations and neighborhoods in demand. This knowledge enables me to help you find the best opportunities or set a competitive sale price.


Negotiating the terms of sale or purchase is a crucial part of any property transaction. As a broker, I am trained to negotiate on your behalf, maximising your benefits and minimising your risks.


I am committed to acting ethically and maintaining transparency throughout the process. You can trust me to manage your transaction.


I am available 24/7, which means you can contact me at any time to ask questions, schedule visits or discuss your concerns. I can provide you with a personalised service, listening to your needs and working closely with you to achieve your property goals.


As a real estate broker, I have built relationships with other industry professionals, including real estate agents, mortgage lenders, lawyers and inspectors. My network can be a valuable asset in connecting you with the right people to facilitate your transaction. With VICTOR MALHAM and RE/MAX, your property will be on the biggest networks and through numerous social media channels in order to reach as many potential buyers and sellers as possible.

What’s more, we offer protection programs that provide financial and legal assistance in the event of delay or withdrawal, death or hidden defects: the TranquiliT, IntérgriT and SécuriT programs.


I have a solid knowledge base in real estate, thanks to years of experience in both real estate and construction. My expertise can help you navigate effectively through the process of buying or selling real estate. I can also help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a property using objective data and my experience in the construction field, which can help you make informed decisions.

Ultimately, the choice of a real estate broker depends on your personal needs and your confidence in the person who will represent you in a real estate transaction. If you believe that I can meet your needs and provide you with a positive experience, I would be delighted to work with you as your trusted Laval real estate broker.

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My previous customers have been satisfied with my services, which is testament to my commitment to providing an excellent service.

Tammy S.

I’m super happy with the experience I had with Victor, attentive to my request, made sure I had the best deal for my investment property. I’m thankful.


Victor will help you get the home of your dreams. He is very helpful and easy to get along with. Thank you Victor!

Salim C.

We have had the pleasure of working with Victor on several occasions. My wife and I have benefited from his experience in the construction industry to make sound decisions regarding renovations and inspection issues. As a broker, engineer and contractor, he brings a skill set that is rarely found in the marketplace. Thank you Victor, and I hope to see you again 🙂

Elie N.

More than PERFECT.

Tony C.

Thank you for your service 👍

Layal A.

Victor was an invaluable broker. He took the time to understand our needs. He recommended neighborhoods and suggested we avoid certain ones. He was always available despite his busy schedule. He negotiated for us. We’re really glad we chose him! Many thanks Victor.

Elie N.

We would like to thank our broker Mr. Victor Malham for the service he provided. Through his professionalism, courtesy, presence and speed of execution, he convinced us that he is the person to trust for the sale or purchase of a new home. I’ll be sure to recommend him. Thank you Victor.

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