The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Laval to Buy a Home

Welcome to Laval’s most opulent neighborhoods, where upscale neighborhoods beckon with elegance and prestige. This blog will navigate through the most exclusive corners of this vibrant city. It will reveal the top-tier neighborhoods that embody class and sophistication. Your Laval real estate broker, Victor Malham will guide you through it all.

If you have ever dreamt of calling a high-end Laval community your home, read on as we explore the best neighborhoods that promise a lifestyle beyond compare.


Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury living at Laval-sur-le-Lac, where stunning waterfront properties redefine opulence. From breathtaking lakefront mansions to architecturally masterful homes, this neighborhood is a showcase of sophistication. Homes in this area frequently include fantastic views and luxurious amenities.

Laval-sur-le-Lac enjoys an idyllic location at the meeting point of the Lac des Deux Montagnes, the Rivière des Prairies, and the Rivière des Mille Îles. This remarkable Laval neighborhood maintains a calm and peaceful environment.

This affluent Laval suburb was previously named the wealthiest neighborhood in Quebec with celebrities and multi-millionaires peacefully residing in this posh town.


Sainte-Dorothée combines elegant living with convenience. The area features many gorgeous properties, proximity to good schools, and various amenities, making it an attractive choice for wealthy homebuyers. Sainte-Dorothée offers a perfect balance for those seeking a lavish lifestyle without compromising on accessibility.

Sainte-Dorothée includes countless high end properties, contributing to its reputation as a more refined neighborhood. The real estate market in this area features spacious homes and well-maintained properties.


Duvernay’s unique earthy, natural atmosphere thrives from its various forested and agricultural regions, enhancing its character. It is part suburb, part country. Although the region is mostly residential, there are a lot of busy streets with shops and restaurants. The main boulevards that cross the area make it easy to access the Island of Montreal.

The most noteworthy upscale residential area in Duvernay is Val des Brises. This gorgeous suburb is so prestigious, properties in this area tend to be a lot less affordable when compared with other areas in Laval.


Vimont stands as a genuine suburban community nestled in the center of Laval. Despite its suburban nature, Vimont boasts a self-contained environment, resembling a city within the larger city. Residents enjoy convenient access to a full spectrum of amenities, including restaurants, grocery stores, and even a hospital, ensuring that everything they need is within reach.

Although Vimont is primarily suburban, its main streets are consistently bustling with activity. From charming bakeries and casual restaurants to local bars and shops, residents have a myriad of entertainment options.


The family-friendly, park-filled neighborhood of Sainte-Rose, set along Rivière des Mille Îles, is well-known for its historic houses. The city is a warm and friendly neighborhood, where residents take pride in maintaining a close-knit community spirit. 

This town was once home to our beloved Celine Dion, who had recently sold her Saint-Rose mansion for over 2 million dollars.


This neighborhood seamlessly blends class residences with a thriving cultural scene. From stylish townhouses to expansive estates, Chomedey offers a diverse range of housing options.

Chomedey is thought to be the busiest area in Laval. It is a well-liked dining and retail destination for many Laval locals. With large shopping centers like Carrefour Laval, and fantastic dining options in Centropolis, this area is loved by families and individuals alike.


As you embark on the journey of finding your dream home in Laval’s most expensive neighborhoods, remember that each enclave has its unique charm and character. Whether it’s the waterfront allure of Laval-sur-le-Lac or the cultural richness of Chomedey, these neighborhoods promise not just a house but a lifestyle of unparalleled sophistication.

Let your home search be a celebration of your aspirations, and may you soon find yourself amidst the elegance and luxury that these Laval neighborhoods have to offer.

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