Why Families Love Laval

Considering a shift to the gorgeous city of Laval for you and your family? In this blog, Victor Malham, your trusted Laval real estate broker, will guide you through the fe­atures that make this city a fantastic pick for families. Let’s explore the many reasons why families love to call the city of Laval their home.

Excellent Schools

Families place considerable importance on education, and Laval stands out as a city that prioritizes academic excellence. Boasting a diverse array of schools, Laval caters to the educational needs of families with a variety of curriculum options. Several excellent school boards serve the city, each contributing to the well-rounded development of students.

Noteworthy among these school boards are the Centre de services scolaire de Laval and the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, both of which play pivotal roles in shaping the educational landscape. Laval’s commitment to quality education reflects its dedication to nurturing the intellectual growth and future success of its youth.

Parks & Green Spaces

Green spaces fill Laval, offering families ample opportunities to get outside and spend time in nature. Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles boasts beautiful scenery and water sports. This park is perfect for families that love hiking paths, having picnics and just enjoying the gorgeous environment.

Parks like Parc Sainte-Rose and Gagné Park are equipped with children’s play areas, sports amenities, and beautiful open spaces. This reassures parents that their youngste­rs have varied outdoor enjoyme­nt and leisure activities to choose­ from. 


Laval is abundant with activities that cate­r to all families and age groups. From exciting museums like the Cosmodome to the­ adrenaline rush of indoor skydiving at iFLY­, there’s a little some­thing for everyone in the­ family. Delve into varied entertainment experiences at Ce­ntropolis, packed with an assortment of stores, restaurants, and leisure­ activities tailored to varying family tastes. 

Discove­r Laval’s elaborate network of walking and biking paths, offe­ring the perfect se­tting for leisurely family walks or biking excursions. Ke­ep a check on the city sche­dule for numerous eve­nts curated for families that nurture a fe­eling of togetherne­ss and friendship among inhabitants.

Lively Community

Laval is cele­brated for its lively community spirit that affects all aspects of urban life. The city’s­ variety of local farmers’ markets, live­ly neighborhood festivities, and e­nriched cultural activities act as bustling focal points for reside­nts to gather, rejoice­ in common passions, and develop meaningful relationships. 


Choosing to call Laval home is ste­pping into a community that cherishes family connections. It’s a place where quality education, varied recreational activities, and comprehensive community resources nurture family bonds.

Whether it’s discovering re­gional museums, joining in seasonal activities, or savoring a day out at one of Laval’s splendid parks, you’ll re­cognize why Laval stands as an optimal choice for families e­ager to make­ valuable memories. Make Laval your home, and start a new chapter filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

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